I would like to share with you a letter forwarded on to IR-4 by Mr. Rob Childers of Senator Menendez staff.(click here).  Through the efforts of the IR-4 Commodity Liaison Committee, Minor Crop Farmers Alliance, Meister Publications and others, MANY commodity associations endorsed this letter.  More importantly, 13 Senators co-signed the Menendez letter.  There have been statements that other Senators, including members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, support increased funding for IR-4 but could not co-sign the letter for a variety of reasons. 

This is a great first step; however, there is still a lot to happen for our vision of “19 in 19” to occur.  A huge THANK YOU for everyone who worked to make this letter a reality.  A special shout out to Rob Childers, Mike Bledsoe and Bob Simerly for their above/beyond contributions.