2014 IR-4 Food Use & Biopesticide Workshops
September 9-10, 2014
2014 Antibiotics/Bacterial Challenges Mini-Summit
September 11, 2014

The annual IR-4 Food Use Program priority-setting workshop (FUW) is being held Sept. 9-10 this year at the J.W. Marriott Atlanta Buckhead, 3300 Lenox Road NE (www.jwmarriottbuckhead.com), Atlanta, Georgia, 30326. The actual project prioritization process at the workshop is expected to proceed much as it has in recent years, by discussing only those projects that receive at least one stakeholder “A” nomination via the on-line project nomination process. The nomination process will be open this year from Aug. 15 thru Aug. 27. There won’t be any quota of "A" priorities per discipline or per crop group or per crop; instead, projects will be selected as “A” priorities for 2015 research based on the most critical needs of specialty crop growers. Be prepared to provide justification to support your priority projects. Any adjustments to the priority-setting processes will be communicated over the coming months.

In addition to the traditional Food Use priority setting focus of this meeting, this year we are incorporating a new Biopesticide and Organic Support Program priority-setting workshop, commencing immediately after completion of the FUW. Our hope is to make the conventional program stakeholders more aware of biopesticides, a suggestion that came out very strongly in comments provided by respondents to the IR-4 2014-2019 Strategic Planning survey. IR-4 is encouraging Biopesticide Workshop participants to attend the FUW, and Food Use participants to stay for the Biopesticide Workshop.

This Biopesticide Workshop is an important part in the changes to IR-4’s Biopesticide grant program. The meeting will consist of presentations of research successes, exploration of needs and potential tools to fit the needs. These will fit within the context of the overall strategy of integration of biopesticides into conventional agriculture, resistance management, utilization of biopesticides for residue mitigation of convention pesticides to avoid trade barriers, organic agriculture and biotechnology opportunities.The scope of crops will include all specialty crops such as fruits and vegetables, ornamentals, honey bees and also include public health biopesticides.

Some of the exceptional list of expert speakers for the Biopesticide Workshop include Ralph Scorza of USDA-ARS on horticultural biotechnology, Steve Duke of USDA-ARS on weed management, Mark Whalon of Michigan State University on organic pest management and fruit insect management, and Jason Sandhal of USDA-FAS on residue mitigation. The meeting will culminate with an opportunity to vote on the highest crop-pest management needs. Although there are some finishing touches to put on the agenda for the workshops, below is a summary of what the 2-day event will look like.

On September 11, 2014 at the J.W. Marriott Atlanta Buckhead, 3300 Lenox Road NE (www.jwmarriottbuckhead.com), Atlanta, Georgia, 30326, IR-4 will also be hosting the first Bacterial Challenges Mini Summit entitled “Understanding the ABCs (Awareness of Bacterial Challenges) with Antibiotics in Crops”. This Mini-Summit will provide an opportunity for attendees including growers, university personnel, industry, and government bodies to come together to discuss a number of issues that are occurring with bacterial diseases on crops including HLB and Citrus Canker on citrus crops, Zebra Chip on potato and other diseases/crops.  We will also discuss options for control and the regulatory review processes that are involved with registering these compounds

Food Use Workshop

September 9

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

  • “Welcome to Georgia/Atlanta”; “State of IR-4” address - Jerry Baron, IR-4 Exec. Director

  • EPA informal discussion/Q&A; Industry product presentations

  • Review prioritization process/logistics/ground rules; Begin “first pass” residue project prioritization

  • Complete “first pass” residue project prioritization; Begin setting final slate of residue priorities

September 10

8:00a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

  • Complete setting final slate of residue priorities;

  • Efficacy/Crop Safety research discussions - identify top 3-5 priorities per region

Biopesticide Workshop

September 10

10:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

  • Overview of Biopesticide Program: accomplishments and activities

  • Researcher results presentations; identification of research focus areas: integration into conventional programs; specific high priorities; problems without solutions; organic pest management; Industry product presentations

  • Ranking of research priorities

Bacterial Challenges/Antibiotic Mini-Summit

September 11

7:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. click here for detailed agenda

  • Grower Needs and Challenges / New and Existing Options for Control (Citrus, Potato, Pome Fruit, Cherry)
  • Biotechnology Options for Control

  • Regulatory Review Processes (EPA, CDC, FDA, PMRA)
  • Recent Registration Example

  • Round Table Discussion - Break out Groups
  • Report / conclusions from each round table discussion
  • Moving forward

Who Should Attend these Workshops?

Commodity representatives, specialty crop growers, State and Federal research and extension scientists, regulatory agency personnel, agrichemical and biopesticide company representatives should attend. IR-4 wants input from all stakeholders to prioritize research to meet growers’ most critical pest management solution needs.

What Should You Do Before the Workshops?

For the Food Use Workshop, submit any new food use requests (http://ir4.rutgers.edu/FoodUse/FOODRequestForm.cfm) by Aug. 13. Then from Aug. 15 - 27, nominate Food Use projects through the IR-4 website, to help reduce our list of potential projects for 2015 research before we arrive at the workshop. This on-line nomination process will be organized as in recent years. Beginning Sept. 2, various project reports/spreadsheets of results from Food Use project nominations will be available to download from the IR-4 website. Review these reports/spreadsheets and print documents you need for use at the workshop. If you can’t print these documents from the website, contact Diane Infante for assistance at infante@aesop.rutgers.edu or 732.932.9575 x 4620.

For the Biopesticide Workshop, submit new priority need requests here: http://ir4app.rutgers.edu/biopestPub/FmAndList.aspx.
A list of Biopesticide priority need requests to be voted on at the Biopesticide Workshop will also be posted on the IR-4 website.

Workshop Registration

The registration fee for all 3 workshops (Food Use, Biopesticide and Antibiotic) is $200. The registration fee for the Food Use and Antibiotic Workshops ONLY is $200. The registration fee for the Food Use and Biopesticide Workshop ONLY is $175.00.The registration fee for the Food Use Workshop ONLY is $175. The registration fee for the Biopesticide and Antibiotic Workshops ONLY is $100.The registration fee for the Biopesticide Workshop ONLY is $75.The registration fee for the Antibiotic Workshop ONLY is $25. Please register by August 22, 2014. For late registrations the registration fee will be increased to $250.00, and will be charged from August 23 until the workshop begins.The same registration deadline applies to all workshops. Late or on-site registration for the Biopesticide Workshop will be increased to $100.00, which will be charged from August 23 through to on-site registration. Registration fees will cover breakfast and lunch each day, and morning and afternoon breaks for the Food Use and Biopesticide Workshops.Registration fees will cover breakfast for the Bacterial Challenges/Antibiotic Mini-Summit. Click here to register.


J.W. Marriott Atlanta Buckhead, 3300 Lenox Road NE (www.jwmarriottbuckhead.com), Atlanta, Georgia, 30326. We have secured a special room rate of $139.00 single/double. Cut-off date for making reservations is 5:00 pm, Aug. 11.

To reserve your room, use the following link: https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=11065727 or call 866-343-5747 and mention you are attending the Rutgers University IR-4 Food Use Workshop to receive this favorable rate.

Reservations cannot be guaranteed after Aug. 11, and will only be accepted on a space and rate-available basis.

IR-4 Headquarters Contacts

Look for pre-workshop and workshop updates in the IR-4 monthly report, on the IR-4 website and via other means of communication. See you in Atlanta Sept. 9-10, 2014!

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